Initial training of the boi – part 2

My local horny boi (also see Initial training of the boi) is being trained and used on a regular basis. I try to find ways to challenge him in, which is both fun for me and which triggers his turn-ons but also pushes his limits a bit.

Boi training part 2 - 1

Boi training part 2 – 1

Hence, it was a pleasure to have Akiiki (see Akiiki and Akiiki – bondage in public) visit again and for me to use both of them in a session together, as they make up a darn hot pair of subs.

Boi training part 2 - 2

Boi training part 2 – 2

My boi was told to undress in the hallway and I blindfolded him before he was allowed to enter the play room. Here I had Akiiki hooded, tied up and with mittens on – not knowing who was coming.

Boi training part 2 - 3

Boi training part 2 – 3

I wanted to break in a new heavy rigid – a combination of wrist and ankle irons. I ordered my boi to sit down and locked him in it. He was still not aware of Akiiki being in the room. The moment he was locked in I guided Akiiki to him (he was not able to see being in the hood), and watched as they initially played.

Boi training part 2 - 4

Boi training part 2 – 4

The irons are heavy 9,2kg / 20 lbs – so the combination of being locked up in irons, having Akiiki join in the game was a huge turn on for both of the sexy kinky bois.

Boi training part 2 - 5

Boi training part 2 – 5

The session developed and ended very hot with my boi leaving the session, covered in immense amounts of Akikii’s cum. Something all three of us found to be very hot. I can only imagine how the scent of Akiiki’s juices would have slowly risen and could be smelled as a nice reminder, when my boi was on his way home – unwashed and slightly sticky.

More on Akiiki’s visit soon…

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