The Prague Connection

November 2014 I met a bondage sub, whom I instantly clicked with (see 24 intense hours). March 2015 I finally got to meet his BDSM partner here in London, and the Prague Connection was established.

The Prague Connection - 1

The Prague Connection – 1

In a similar way to how I had connected with with his Czech BDSM partner, I had a great and natural connection with the Prague Connection.

The Prague Connection - 2

The Prague Connection – 2

It was obvious that we had a link in the Czech guy, which tied us together on a different level, but it transferred onto our kinky level as well.

The Prague Connection - 3

The Prague Connection – 3

Naturally we had been in contact for some time leading up to the meeting, yet there was a feeling of a good chemistry as we met and this just paved the road for a kinky and great meeting, which would leave us to explore each others bondage passion in a uncomplicated and very relaxed and positive way.

The Prague Connection - 4

The Prague Connection – 4

As we had warmed up, I really came to appreciate the Prague Connection’s body, it was ideally sculptured for certain positions of bondage, and my ropes just found every curve and the definition of his body easy to work with.

The Prague Connection - 5

The Prague Connection – 5

I do like all types of bodies and shapes, however, at times I don’t need to think about the bondage – it just appears naturally. This was the case with him.

The Prague Connection - 6

The Prague Connection – 6

I’m not aware if it has to do with chemistry or if it is because some types of bodies calls for certain type of bondage, in any case it happens subconsciously.

The Prague Connection - 7

The Prague Connection – 7

My mind goes into an automatic mode and while I relax and enjoy the session, my ropes seemingly find their own way around the body of the guy I play with. This was the case with the Prague connection.

The Prague Connection - 8

The Prague Connection – 8

We didn’t have as much time as I would have liked, but I treasured every minute we spend together as the mutual passion to bondage crystalized into an intense and very intimate session.

The Prague Connection - 9

The Prague Connection – 9

I would like to meet with the Czech guy again this spring, as I most likely will meet with the Prague Connection again in May – and hopefully the following steps would be sessions where all three of us explore bondage together.

The Prague Connection - 10

The Prague Connection – 10

In respect to bondage, I can see a whole world of opportunities unfold with these two wonderful guys, whom I am happy to have as friends. I can’t wait to explore what future meetings will bring.



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