Horny days with Akiiki

Akiiki (see Akiiki, Akiiki – bondage in public, initial training of the boi – part 2) has been in London for a few days.

Horny days - 1

Horny days – 1

We have over the last couple of years met regularly, when he has business to do in London.

Horny days - 2

Horny days – 2

Every time we meet, he has matured significantly as a bondage sub and a boi.

Horny days - 3

Horny days – 3

But over the last year he has worked hard and made a huge effort to also get a top notch body.

Horny days - 4

Horny days – 4

It shows – he is now an even more beautiful boi.

Horny days - 5

Horny days – 5

However, it is his personality and his kinky mind which I truly like him for.

Horny days - 6

Horny days – 6

This time he had several days where he could meet with me.

Horny days - 7

Horny days – 7

We used them for both meeting in private, in clubs and with kinky friends (see initial training of the boi – part 2).

Horny days - 8

Horny days – 8

His experience is growing and he is a true sub who likes having his limits pushed and being used to his full potential.

Horny days - 9

Horny days – 9

Previously I have not pushed him as hard as possible, on the one hand because I liked feeling close to him in other ways, but also because I regarded him as my bondage boi.

Horny days - 10

Horny days – 10

A dynamic I shouldn’t hold him back in, but should use as gateway to heavier play.

Horny days - 11

Horny days – 11

He proved to me this time, that he is turned on by this, and I was happy to see that I can take him further when he visits me next.

Horny days - 12

Horny days – 12

It will be a very lucky man who ends up with Akiiki as his partner, so I treasure my meetings with him.

Horny days - 13

Horny days – 13

I enjoy to see how he – despite still being cautious and shy – has gained immense amounts of experience in BDSM during the time I have known him.

Horny days - 14

Horny days – 14

It is interesting and great to be part of his journey: to see how he grows as a damn handsome man between each meeting we have.

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