The Prague Connection 2

How I got in touch with The Prague Connection is a story of its own, check out my post The Prague Connection.

This was the second time we met. Luckily it had only been a short while since our first meeting.

The connection between us was there right away. It felt as if we could continue from where we had left the first time we met.

It is such a pleasure to rope him as his body just seemingly adjusts perfectly to any position and bondage type I have in mind for him.

This type of responsiveness makes me crave bondage even more.

Seeing how his body and muscles defines and gets sculptured in the different positions is something I enjoy.

It makes me want to touch and play with him.

Explore the curves…

Feel his reactions to the touch and the ropes.

Feel how some muscle groups gets tense and other relax.

I enjoy how the bondage becomes a catalyst for bringing us closer together fast.

The bondage element bonds us differently as it is such an inherent part of our personalities and drives.

This is the exact same feeling I have with his BDSM partner, and the connection has been there from the beginning with both of them.

The bondage becomes a common language in which we can express our desires, lust, cravings – but also soft, connecting and very intimate sides of ourselves.

Bondage positions can be hard and challenging on the body, and hard and challenging to achieve from a practical point of view.

But, to me it is a language that I find cross continents, culture and sexuality.

It has connected me with guys that are now important to me, not just from a bondage perspective, but as close friends, passionate explorers and kinky subs.

I feel lucky to have met my Czech friends.

Even more so because I wouldn’t have experienced and gained the close connection that I now have and treasure with this amazing BDSM couple.

I can’t wait to meet with both of them in Prague. Until then I will look forward to meeting with my ’24 intense hours’ sub here in London in June 2015.

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