Rope marks after a tight session 1

Mr Cord – too shy, too shy

It didn’t feel as a year, but that is how…

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Zaff – 4 days to go

In just a few days I will be going to…

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Balls play with boots

GymNSwim – Balls Play – Video shots

As mentioned GymNSwim takes a good deal of attention on…

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Balls tied out with 20 meters of rope

GymNSwim – Balls Play – photos.

First time I met this guy in person was at…

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Hog-tie close up

The Guy in the Red Jocks

This guy just recently dropped me a note and we…

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I was introduced to Jeuxvirils at my last visit in…

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Three Hog-ties – videos

Here are a few clips from the session with Olaf,…

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Three Hog-ties with Bondicimo

At my first trip to Bondicimo, I had the pleasure…

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Bondicimo wearing a hood.

Bondicimo – a chosen BDSM Brother

This will not be a usual confession, as it isn’t…

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Pup in the Flesh

This pup has met with me several times, and each…

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Le Canadien – 2

I was supposed to have met with my Canadian friend…

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Buzz in Camo - side 2

Buzz in camo

Buzzbound (see Buzz – the Hero) is a great bondage…

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Front 2

Totam – Uniform

Totam (also see Totam – sailor) enjoys his uniforms and…

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Front first rope

M – An Effective Position

M (see 1, 2 & 3) loves challenges, and I…

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Marked with a bamboo stick 4

Boi to be NAMED…

This guy is a real horny boi, he loves his…

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Maninho – helping out

As you might have seen from the earlier confession on…

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